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Association for Information Systems at UTD

Welcome to the AIS Student Chapter at UTD! Our goal is to promote the development and growth of students interested in information systems. We prepare students to enter the industry by providing them with resources and opportunities that will help them apply and expand on their technical and professional skills.  

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What We Do

We have amazing opportunities and resources for students. Continue reading to learn more! 

Our Services


AIS holds many workshops led by experts in the field. These workshops will give you practical tips about your resumes/interviews or they will be interactive data analytics sessions utilizing the most popular software in the IT industry.

Guest Speakers

We host many guest speakers (potential recruiters) who will talk to you about anything from new tech and research to answering any questions you may have about their company.


All of our events give you a chance to network with not only your peers but also industry professionals from companies and businesses that hire UTD students!

Case Competitions


Case competitions are an opportunity for all underclassmen students to experience real-world decision making and collaboration early on in their academic careers, while also gaining exposure to business professionals and leaders in the marketplace. Our student chapter membership with the official Association for Information Systems provides us with many case competitions that our members can participate in. AIS members can also take part in the PWC Case Competiton, which we discuss in further detail at our general body meetings.

Meet Our Officers

Akshita Anand 


Want to become a member?

Simply attend one of our events and give us your UTD email OR 
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No fees =)

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